Happiness in Four Layers

Life is always full of surprisesLife is always full of surprises.

A blond from Sardinia

A blond beauty from Sardinia, in Central London.

Fairy in the city

Stumbling across a fairy.


Fledgeling photographers sometimes need cheeseometers. Everyone knows that.


Ready for another picture? Say cheese!

Black and white - sometimes green

I love black and white. But sometimes also green.

Talking about lunch

Talking about lunch.

Wing - not chickens

I love them. Not only the chicken’s ones.

Salt to life

Adding a pinch of salt to life make it taste sweeter?

Food for sould

Food for soul.

In the mirror

Looking at myself in the mirror.

Under control

There is no such thing as keeping everything under control.

Hanging over my head

If I have something hanging over my head? Yes but it doesn’t bother me. At all.

Losing my head

Losing my head? Nope. I prefer staying calm.

Sitting and relaxing

Sitting, relaxing and enjoying myself for a little while.

A little courtesyYes. It won’t harm you.

Happiness in four layers

Happiness in four layers.

Big and unmistakable

Mine for this city. Big and unmistakable.


2 thoughts on “Happiness in Four Layers

  1. What a great blog! I LOVE the photo diary, what a brilliant idea.

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous biscuits you bought up today, they are utterly delicious but are not helping my post baby waistline!!

    Nom nom!
    Flat 5 xxx

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