Barcelona, estoy aqui!

I guess that if I am here this evening – in front my computer eating home baked potatoes with a solemn air – is not just to chit chat. I was meant to post these pictures of Barcelona a while ago so let’s stop talking, have a look and enjoy.

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The ‘Resplendent Island’ – Part 2

As mentioned last week, the pictures I took during my trip in Sri Lanka were far too many to fit just in one post, so here I am again, listening to some good music – Nina Simone rocks – while sharing with you a few lines and some other images of the ‘Resplendent Island’ and its culture, heritage, music, landscapes and food. Continue reading

The “Resplendent Island” – Part 1

I thought to share with you a few posts about “the resplendent island” and its colours, vibrancy and beauty. About its gold sand, lush jungles and blazing blue skies. About its welcoming and kind-hearted people. Its wonderfully aromatic tea, fragrant spices and gloriously captivating cuisine. This is the first one.

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