Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Grilled-Vegetables-with-Balsamic-Vinegar-DressingGrilling is not a technique reserved for meat. It’s great for vegetables, too. Simplicity and a just little touch of balsamic vinegar is the key to this easy recipe that allows the flavours of the ingredients to shine through.

Serves 4


2 medium-sized aubergines

2 medium-sized courgettes

1 small bunch of fresh mint, leaves picked and chopped

1 garlic clove, finely minced

3 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil plus some extra for brushing

1 and ½ tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

1 fresh red chilli, finely sliced



Heat a griddle pan or charcoal grill to high.

Remove both ends of the courgettes and aubergines, cut them in half crosswise and then cut them into ½ -inch-thick slices, down their length. Lightly brush each slice with some extra-virgin olive oil.

Arrange the slices of vegetables on the hot grill or griddle pan so that they are not overlapping. Grill them until soften and lightly charred, usually 4-6 minutes per side, turning them once halfway through.

When ready arrange the grilled aubergines and courgettes slices on a plate.

Place the extra-virgin olive oil, the balsamic vinegar, the chopped mint, the garlic clove, the chilli and a pinch of salt in a little bowl and mix them together. Drizzle the mixture over the grilled vegetables.

You can prepare the vegetables in advance and serve them at room temperature.

tempting-spoon-pattern-RED-03TEMPTING TIPS

Be sure not to peel the vegetables before grilling because the skin will help hold the pieces together. Stick to a rough ratio of 3 parts extra virgin olive oil to 1 part of balsamic vinegar for a delicate dressing, and scale up the quantity of vinegar for a sharper taste.


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